Atlantic International Partnership Funding Group: Providing Simplified Homeownership Solutions

AIFG has established a unique and innovative concept in the mortgage industry (Partnership Servicing) that is ideally suited to a challenging economy and real estate market. If you don’t know about our concept, then here’s an opportunity to learn more.

Atlantic International Partnership, a Florida Based, Multi State Licensed Mortgage Banker, has been providing partnership services to the mortgage and real estate industry since 2001. At AIFG we are all about partnership not product which is truly a unique approach to the mortgage industry. Here’s why.

Our mortgage professionals take a wholly different approach to doing business. We are unconventional, but in a good way. AIFG is committed to your success, we will stand behind you. We will promote you within our unique personalized partnership service package approach to doing business. Basically, our job is to make you look good; after all, you’re not a product but a partner. With our partnership service packages we‘ll make you a mortgage service professional and more. Think of yourself as an industry superstar…with the help of AIFG.

Atlantic International Partnership is prepared to partner with you within a service and marketing level that is both comfortable and ideally suited to your unique needs. Our flexible and scalable approach to servicing our industry partners is profoundly effective and results oriented.

One key difference with AIFG is that we are mortgage bankers Licensed in Multiple states, not brokers, with the ability to close and fund loans using our own warehouse line facility. Because of this capability, our resources and reach are significantly different, which means yours can be also, which sets us apart from many others in the industry today. And we are prepared to bring this exciting level of unique professionalism and support expertise directly to you and your client base.

As your mortgage service partner our Turnkey – Full Service Packages allows AIFG to do the work while you garner the sales and build strong image and branding for all of your client needs. We can truly make you a superstar.

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