Making it Big by Being Your Own Publisher

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One of the best examples of a success story is that of author Amy Fisher with her work “If I Knew Then”. Her work sold over 32,000 copies to date. But an aspiring self-publisher should know that Amy Fisher is an unusual case. Most self-published works struggle to find a market outside the authors own social circles. Friends and Family may rake in on average, the sale of 200 books but not sales in the thousands.

Amy Fisher is an exceptional book sales success because she was already a well-known and award winning newspaper columnist with the Long Island Press. It certainly helped to have a reader following her column in the paper. It’s also the fact that she has led quite an extraordinary life to most people.

Everybody thinks their autobiography is interesting enough for publishing but that is not usually true. This is because the majority of these people lead rich and failry ordinary lives that would quickly bore readers and never grab the attention of any publishers. When Amy published her autobiography, she was only 30 years old, but in reading her story, it seems as though she has lived more than three lifetimes. When she was 16 years old she was known as the “Long Island Lolita” by the media. It started with her having an affair with a married man. The affair ended when Fisher attempted to kill her lover’s wife with a gunshot to the head.

Once her first self-published book became a success, she began a career in adult entertainment and even had two other authors write a sotry about her and having their books published. One of the books was written by Maria Eftimiades and published in 1992 while the second was written by Pier Dominguez and published in 2001.

Prior to her self-published success, Amy has also worked with another author named Sheila Weller to co-write a story entitled “Amy Fisher: My Story”.

The publishing success of Amy Fisher’s autobiography cannot be so easily followed by other authors. The main reason her book sold was the fact that she had a string of scandals associated with her name. She was a natural self-promoter and attention getter. Not all authors can market themselves that way to make a publisher mark, or would want to. For anyone wanting to succeed by being their own publisher should remember that it will not be an easy task to promote yourself or get your novel recognized, but hard work and the determination to succeed will certainly make sales that much sweeter.


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