Monday, December 18

"hot In Cleveland" Season Two – a Review

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When “Hot In Cleveland” first made its debut, I immediately liked it. I don’t watch a lot of current TV, so this was the kind of show I had been looking for. It was fresh and funny, with brilliant writing, filled with witty one-liners. Add to this a talented cast, with amazing chemistry. I could not wait for Wednesday to roll around so I could watch it. It had been some time since I felt that way about a TV show. After not having cared for it in the beginning, my sister gave it a second chance, and became a fan, too.

In my opinion, it’s still doing good in its second season, which began on the 19th of January. However, there is no thing I could do without- the weekly guest stars. In the beginning, it didn’t seem very out of the ordinary. This was a new show, on a cable network, and I saw this as a strategy to build an audience. However, it has that audience now. It is the number one TV show on cable. Therefore, the guest star pattern should begin to subside a bit. Not that they are annoying-  just unnecessary. Some of the guest stars have been warranted, if you will, including Bonnie Franklin and Mary Tyler Moore. Along with them came classic TV reunions of the best kind.

I would like to see these superb actresses on their own more, to see their rapport shine all the more. However, there is one guest I would not mind at all seeing make an appearance- Bill Daily. You know, Major Healey from “I Dream of Jeannie” and Howard Borden of “The Bob Newhart Show.” I think he would be fantastic as one of Victoria’s several husbands. I think they would play off one another very well.

All in all, I wish “Hot In Cleveland” much continued success, and longevity.


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