How to Get Unemployment Under 3% in One Year

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If the liberals would agree to make me God-King-Emperor, you know like they did with Barack Hussein Obama, I could get unemployment down under %3 in a single year.

Unfortunately you have to do everything I said.  If you skipped even a single step the time to reduce unemployment could be considerably longer.

1)  Deport everyone who believes in the hoax that is Global Warming and the fraud that is Climate Change to North Korea and put them on a No Fly list so they can’t come back.

2)  Drill everything that doesn’t move for oil.  If there is no oil, strip mine it for coal.  If there is no coal squeeze it for natural gas.  If there is no natural gas put a nuclear power plant on it.  If you can’t put a nuclear power plant on then put up a solar power plant.  If you can’t put up a solar power plant then put up a windmill.   Every empty piece of land would be bled dry for energy and every man who could wield a shovel would have a job building the power plants or the transmission lines to those power plants.

3)  Sell most of the fossil fuels we produce to foreign countries and wipe out our  trade deficit.  Use all the rest of the energy domestically.

4)  All efforts toward a green economy are to be used in government only.   No taxpayer will be forced to go green.  The entire R&D budget for the US military will taken off new weapons and put on energy research.  In particular research that will make our armies energy independent in the field.  We will increase the tooth to tail ratio and beat any competing army economically.  They will have long, vulnerable fossil fuel supply lines and we will not.

And that’s just the beginning.  All of the following, which I have described in the past, would have to be done:

Defund Communism. Cut Marxist Programs to Zero

Eliminate the following or cut any funding to them to zero

1)   EPA

2)  National Endowment for the Arts

3) NPR

4)  Department of eduction

5) Homeland Security

6)  All Czars.


Cut the budget of the following by 50% the first year and again by 50% the second year

1)  Department of Energy

2)  Department of Commerce

3) Department of Justice (if you have money to commit treason in Arizona, you have too much money)

4) HUD


Cut these budgets by 10%

1)  Department of Defense

2)  Social Security

3)  FBI


While it is extremely important to defund Chairman Obama’s Communist Manifesto programs first, we must be even-handed.  So let’s do this:

A)  Collect all the cuts conservatives want to make

B)  Collect all the cuts communists want to make (democrats, liberals and progressives are all communists in drag)


D)  Independent audit of all federal departments, agencies and offices

E)  Independent audit of the federal reserve

F) Make it a felony for any congressmen, any senator, or any president to present, support, sign or vote for an unbalanced budget.

If the budget is balanced by any tricks whatsoever such as carry Social Security off the books or writing IOUs for Social Security, an act of impeachable treason has just been committed and every government official involved whether elected, appointed or promoted into his position is to be immediately removed from office and tried for treason.

No unfunded mandates.  No deferring payments or bills until next year.  Stop printing money.  Stop borrowing.  No quantitative easing or monetizing the debt.  Pay for it damn it.  If for whatever reason any government official says he can’t do these things he must resign or be fired.

If it’s war time or an economic emergency decide which cabinet positions and agencies of government should be sacrificed and then sacrifice them.  If you can’t think of on, it wasn’t an emergency.


Increase these budgets

1)  Border guards




Federal Budget Cuts for the Year 2012

President Barack Hussein Obama gave an ominous warning to conservatives concerning budget deliberations after the 2010 elections.   It behooves Tea Party members, conservatives and even republicans to have a budget before the first communist president in the history of the United States tries to force us into economy killing higher taxes or tries to cut the budget to troops already in the field.

Each individual and organization should develop a list of budget cuts that could be enacted.  We need $2 trillion in budget cuts to balance the budget and to begin to pay down the national debt.  We also need to find a way to keep congress from using the savings to implement some new garbage that only Karl Marx would love.

It is said that without a vision the people perish.  Our vision for the 2012 budget deliberations that will occur in 2011 should be:  Roll back socialism, Marxism, and communism.  Repeal the communist manifesto.

1)  Cut the budget of all Czars to zero.  There are various sundry definitions for czars.  One possible definition:  Anyone who reports directly to the president but who is not approved by congress.  No advice and consent, no money.

2)  Reduce the budget of  the National Endowment for the Arts to zero.

3)  Reduce the budget of the Department of Education to zero.

4)  Reduce the budget of the EPA to zero.  Revamp the EPA to explicitly remove any ability to run the economy on some sort of communist command basis.

5)  Cut all federal funding for abortions to zero even if those abortions are performed indirectly by state or local governments.  If those governments manipulate their funds so that it appears that state or local funds cover abortion so that federal funds can be spent elsewhere, cut the funding to zero.  Let them pay for what they want to do out of their own funds.

6)  Eliminate the Homeland Security Department.  This was an expensive way to solve the following problem:  Make the FBI talk to the CIA and make ICE talk to both of them.

7)  Cut funding of all kinds to illegal aliens even if the president creates a finding or an executive order to keep the illegals here.  Explicitly cut the funding to anyone who is in the US “legally” only by virtue of a presidential finding, order or other presidential act, to zero.

8)  Cut all foreign aid to zero.

9)  Cut all funding to energy initiatives, climate change initiatives, and global warming initiatives to zero.

10)  Render all recess appointments null and void the moment congress is back in session.

11)  By a majority vote any presidential finding or order is rendered null and void.

12)  Cut all  funding for new military weapons systems to zero.

13)  No new taxes

14)  If a super majority of the states vote to repeal a law, it is hereby repealed.

Spending Trillions while Saving Billions:  Obama’s idea of a “Balanced Budget”

Cutting the 2012 Federal Budget



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