T-Pain Has Absolutely no Place in Music History; After Butchering The Remix to P.y.t. Surely, Micheal Jackson Must be Rolling Over in His Grave

I have always had mixed feelings about T-Pain.  His first album was okay.  I even liked him after his decline with his ambitious attempt at returning to the scene with Reverse Cowgirl.  But allowing him on the remix of P.Y.T. along with Robin Thicke is an abhorrent, blasphemous act that makes a liar out of Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson who surely, must be rolling over in his grave right now, and just a bad idea in general.  I really do not know what Quincy Jones was thinking; why would you butcher a classic like P.Y.T. in such a way.
P.Y.T. had already been remixed in 2008, and updated in a beautiful way.  I was always indifferent to Quincy Jones own albums, but I actually enjoyed “The Secret Garden” off of Back On The Block.  The mix of P.Y.T. off of the Thriller 25 album is a nice release that puts a bit of soul back into the original, which grows on you, though it is your typical pop record, and a sign of the direction Micheal would take later on in his career.  No one penned pop hits like Micheal Jackson, but Micheal always made a point of creating songs with strong lyrics to ensure that he was never as reliant on pop songs as other artists were. 

No one should continue to exploit Micheal Jackson’s work in the future.  Everything that was worth being released is already out there for consumption; the Ultimate Collection made sure of that.  There isn’t anything that Micheal did not already finish that is worth putting out.  Will.I.Am wants us to believe that he has this trump card that he is holding onto that he refuses to release out of respect but I am skeptical.  You may eventually see that song released, and we’ll see just how good it is …

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