Ways to Make Your Woman Happy – so You Will Not be Unhappy

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Here are some of the guideline for you when you are doing something to your woman, but you will still need to adjust that to fit your situation if needed.

Cash is King – How can I do anything if you are very very broke, woman would always tell you that you do not need to spend money to do something for her, if you have HEART, and that makes lots of guy just try to do anything for free and get blamed.  And that is why I found that is NOT RIGHT, I know that if you do not have money, you cannot do anything to make her happy, and that will make YOU UNHAPPY.

Day for some flower?  Rose? – I believe that if you are trying to order some family during some of the special day, like Feb 14 or Christmas, you will find out that flower’s price are skyrocketing, and it is not WORTH it.  So what can you do?  Only order flowers for her during the non-peak season, make her feel that getting some flower is not exciting anymore, and that will save you lots of money.

Want to be a HAPPY Man?  Do not be Yourself – Woman would say something like “Just be yourself, I do not like you to fake me”  And that is totally WRONG if you want to be a happy man, you will only be happy if you have lied enough to her, so keep that in mind, “If you want to be a happy man with a woman, Be Fake”

Don’t you think it should take more effort to make her happy?  Try to Search Online Resources and you will find lots of good idea about this topic. And

Don’t Search Online that if you do not want to.


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