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Game Applications as Teaching Aids

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Countless of websites on the Internet these days offer different sorts of free games for kids. Regardless if they’re toddlers, preschoolers or even teenagers, there’s always something for everyone. The only problem is the stigma attached to online games being viewed as too vicious and vulgar for the young ones. Of course, this isn’t entirely true. In fact, there’s a wide selection of genres where you can select the most appropriate ones for your children.

If your children are still toddlers, you can already expose them to free interactive games that will help enhance their visual intellect. Other active games can improve their hand-eye coordination. In addition, there are those games that can assist you on teaching your children basic knowledge; an example of this is a free game wherein your child can click and identify the animals shown.

For Preschoolers who love vibrant colors and moving figures, free games with cartoon characters and animation would be fantastic choices. Puzzle games are also recommended as this kind of game help kids learn the concepts of math, language, music as well as social behavior and recognizing right from wrong. Other favorite features are arts and crafts like drawing and coloring.

Meanwhile, more complicated and advanced games are suitable for children who are already going to school. These may include puzzle games, math games, music games, language games, spelling games, word games or vocabulary games. is an example of a website that makes fun and challenging games and offers a learning experience fun for kids. They offer educational games where kids can interact and learn at the same time. Some of their popular games include math centered games like “Batter’s Up Baseball” and “Lemonade Larry”. In the former the kids learn math through a baseball game. In the latter, the kids use their math skills in computing for the cost of lemonade.

There are so many gaming options available and they are presented in a visually stimulating yet simple format so that kids of a young age are able to grasp the ideas and solutions easily. These games can also be used as a learning supplement so that they can develop their skills even if they’re not at school.

Teenagers will be more interested in number games like Sudoku, complicated puzzle games and logic puzzles which can be intellectually challenging for them. Other popular genres are animation and video games which have a lot of adventure and quests.

Most of these online games only require a computer and a mouse to play. You can also choose to download some of these games and play them offline at your convenience.

Your children can benefit from these online games. They can hone their language skills as their young minds grasp the sounds and sights presented to them. They can also grow their vocabulary and learn new things in a more enjoyable way. By playing these games, they are able to keep focused and build their attention span. Voice prompts in the game that praise and congratulate the child also helps boost his self esteem and encourages him to learn more and do better.

A lot of free games are available in the Internet. Not only are they entertaining; they are also educational and informative. So why don’t you spend a little time with your children and discover the fun in playing online games.


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