The World Can Live Without Cutting Trees And Paper

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The key word is ACTION

Firstly, trees and vegetables are grown until (according to the day of jurisdiction from our Almighty) nothing of the earth is left for us to be able to consume, therefore we should understand that Our Lord -Allah Almighty- who provides us these bounties. It is our duty, right and responsibility to take proper care of them these bounties He holds so dear. Trees baring and not baring fruit should be taken special care as these trees save the ozone and provide precious oxygen for our society. Sure we say that trees grow back; but we don’t know for how long the trees take to mature again. It takes a very long time a tree to grow and it takes only a short period of time to cut, which I would like to call this the balancing effect of nature. It is not our right to abuse what we have been provided, the trees given to us by the Almighty Powerful cannot last forever,  He is Eternal, thus we must be eternally grateful towards Him. We must make it our duty and responsibility to find give greatly to nature, receive what we need, and not cut precious trees. Trees are our sustenance, whether they bear fruit or not  we must take care of this sustenance. The Almighty is all Majestic, and has power over everything hence we should leave the rest in His hands. 

Non-fruit bearing trees should be taken as much care as non-fruit bearing trees because they provide shade, provide oxygen, provide food for animals, provide strength against the ozone, provide soil fertility, minimize the effect of erosion. Think of it like this, If we plant fruit/nonfruit resources in our backyards, we will have shade in the sun, we will recieve fresh rain, we will have fresh air to breath, we will have provided strength against environmentally unfriendly gases, we will have fresh and beautiful smell of flower’s, we will have strength in our soil we will have fresh fruit and vegetables to eat.

Instead of having fancy clothing, fancy kitchen utencils, fancy cars and fancy houses, we must start making houses and clothing made of the earth (cotton), dishes and kitchen utencils made of clay, and no cars at all as this is one of the most harmful material around.

It is possible to live without the resources that we think really matter as we should not need trees for coal and fire, we should not need cars and houses for pomp and show. 
What we should have are travelling systems that have no burden on our environment. What we should have is unity in our neihbourhoods.
Unity faith and strength (quoted by Mummad Ali Jinnah) is key in transitioning towards a completely environmentally friendly society.


– We willl not have to (and should not) go to the grocery store and spend money on fruits/vegetables that we already have in our backyards.

– We provide the environment with everything it needs; the return is plentiful.

– The Greenhouse effect is causing great harm to our natural environment.

– We can live without causing harm to the envronment.

– We can live side by side with the environment.

– Action                       First Kalma of Islam

– Action                       Belief in the Oneness of our Lord and Saviour

– Action                       Hajj

– Action                        Fasting in the correct month

– Action!                       Zakaat

The point: We can live without, if we just find a way, do the proper actions

When Judgement Day comes: what will really count? What will save us? 

– The Five Pillars of Islam

– The 6 Kalmas of Islam

– Our Holy Scripture

– The Islamic Ghusl

– The Thirteen Important Attributes of Our Lord

– Faith in the Unseen

– Faith and belief in Islam and everything surrounding this beautiful religion.

                                                   EARLY CONVERSION INTO THE ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY 


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