Icc World Cup,2011 is Coming Fast

The schedule and fixtures have been announced.In Bangladesh,all preparations are being taken  by the energetic peoples.Unprecendented security measures are taken for the safety of the foreigners. The city of Dhaka is taking a brand ew look with wonderful illumination during the nights.

The pompous opening ceremony will  be held in Dhaka on the 17th.The first match will be held in Dhaka between Bangladesh and India on the 19th February.The final or the 49th match will be held in Mumbai on the 2nd April,2011.

The forty nine  matches will be held in three countries:Bangladesh,India and SriLanka.Peoples of these three countries are

very excited and happy.They are eager to host the world event on their soils.The hospitality of the peoples of three countries of the Sub-continent will impress the foreign visitors who will flock to enjoy the very special event that come after four years interval.All enthusiasts of ICC World Cup,2011 are cordially invited to watch the opening and closining ceremonies  and all matches at the  field and in media.

The fixtures and schedule may be seen in the following link:


Out of 49 matches Bangladesh will hold eight matches.These matches will be held in Dhaka and Chittagong.The visitors

of the ICC World Cup will be able to see the wonderful landscapes,world heritages of Cox’s Bazar and the Sundarbans.

The longest sea beach of Cox’s Bazar the great mangrove forests of the Sundarbans may be added to the memorable travel lists of the adventure loving peoples.

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