Monday, December 11

Members of Simulated Flight to Mars Perform First Walk

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The Russian Aleksandr Smoleyevsky and Italian-Colombian Diego Urbina, members of the simulated flight to Mars, held on Monday (14) the first of three walks in the surface layer of the planet. 

The two participants in the Mars 500 experiment began on the road with the hoisting of the flags of the organizers of the project: Russia, the European Space Agency (ESA, its acronym in English) and China. 

During the escape, there were some technical problems: the transmission began minutes after the astronauts stepped on the first virtual Martian surface and his speech was affected by interference. 

“The first walk on the surface of Mars lasted 50 minutes less than expected. The next simulation of walking with the participation of the Russian Aleksandr Smolyevsky and China’s Wang Yue, is scheduled for February 18,” said a spokesman for the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IPBM) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

The experiment, which began on June 3, 2010, will serve to study the psychological condition and tolerance of members of a crew during an interplanetary flight.Participants will share only 550 cubic meters, divided between the four modules of the simulator for one year and five months. 

Remain isolated from the world during those 490 days that an actual flight round trip to Mars would last. Another 30 days are needed to simulate a stay at the Red Planet. 

The European Space Agency (ESA) and Russian Roscosmos launched the project in 2004. China joined the experiment and then countries like the United States and Spain’s team collaborated with Mars 500. 

Preparations for the simulation began in November 2007 when six volunteers Russia remained isolated from the outside for two weeks. In July last year, the first simulated flight to Mars took place, lasting 105 days.


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