Be a Succesful Publisher by Self Publishing

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With many different sources available today, pretty much anyone can become a publisher. Self publishing has become a trend among new authors. If you are unknown and new to the book selling business, most companies will not consider investing in your first time novel. Rejection hurts but failure to publish hurts even more when you want to be a read author. Finding a good publisher is difficult considering the immense amount of competition there is. There are more and more writers who are choosing not to go on an endless search for a publisher and choose to do things on their own by self publishing.

These days everybody has their own desktop publishing set up in their homes. You can edit, write, print then photocopy en mass almost anything. It is not expensive to publish.
However, keep expectations lower when choosing the do-it-yourself route because most of people who will read your photocopied manuscripts would be family and friends. It will not be a profit of thousands of dollars from this kind of work.

A print on demand (POD) service refers to the digital printing technology that makes it possible to print out a complete copy of a book on demand. So if you are able to get three people to order the book, only three copies will be printed at that time. This has become a much better way to print and sell books, because you only have the stock that’s needed. Individuals and businesses use the print on demand service because it saves money for everybody.

There are many commercial and academic publishers who use print-on-demand services so they can print out advanced copies. This is especially helpful when wanting to test the waters and get opinions before committing to anything on a larger scale. If you still have some doubts, keep in mind the success stories that have been greatly publicized.

When Amy Fisher decided to publish her book “If I Knew Then” with the print on demand service, the book sold more than 32,000 copies. This kind of success story should inspire and give confidence to others, though they should still keep in mind that success is not guaranteed.

These print-on-demand services are widely available to anyone who would like to be a publisher and publish their personal works. Most books printed on demand cater mostly to pocket markets by which we mean the friends and family of the author.


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