Your Child Will be a Healthy Adult?

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From the standpoint of health, on the day of birth the baby already has a long history.Besides genetics that determines several characteristics, including the propensity for certain diseases, the child comes into the world with a history of intrauterine life, which can affect health in childhood and adulthood in a positive or negative. And that influence continues to every day life of the infant, child and adolescent. Part of the future adult health is being built in these stages, and there is much that can be done to ensure a healthy life. 

Several studies show that some diseases affecting adults and the elderly may have their roots in childhood or fetal stage, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and stroke. 

Diseases affecting the mother – such as infections, poorly controlled hypertension or diabetes – may impair oxygenation and nutrition of the fetus, so the baby is born with more predisposed to have health problems. Children who are born premature or underweight are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. Moreover, infants are more prone to respiratory diseases. One of the main causes of prematurity are genital infections in the mother, which can be diagnosed and treated with adequate prenatal care. 

Highlight: A child comes into the world with a history of intrauterine life, which can influence positively or negatively affect health in childhood and adulthood. 

Processed foods, high-fat or calories and TV / computer / video games are a disastrous set of factors that promote overweight in children, and problems such as hypertension and high cholesterol. Here parents have a great deal of responsibility. Even two years, the child only eats what the mother gives. Therefore, it is easy to introduce a diet with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low sugar or salt. Then you need to keep a routine six meals a day with a varied menu (television should be turned off during these times). One hour of physical activity per day and enjoying the outdoors with the family at the weekend are highly recomendáveis.Ajudam control weight, promote socialization and minimize the time spent indoors, where there are more agents that can cause allergies. 

Recreational activities, cultural and sports along with parents contribute to the physical and intellectual development of children. Parents who do not drink, do not smoke, use drugs help children create positive behaviors. Remember: what education the child is not speaking, is the example of parents. And the best they can do is strive to create healthy habits. With that, they have done their part so that when adult children live better, longer and with less disease. 

You know that you can prevent prematurity? 

One of the things that can happen if the mother not taking care of their health during pregnancy is premature birth – the baby is born before 38 weeks gestation. 

There are some preventive measures that can be adopted during the prenatal tests such as regular (transvaginal ultrasound for cervical length measurement, transabdominal ultrasonography, measurement of cervical fibronectin) and good eating habits. 

A premature infant is characterized by immaturity of their body, which makes it more vulnerable to certain diseases and also more sensitive to some external factors. The risk involved in this situation depends on the degree of prematurity and weight. 

Prematurity is accompanied by some risk that affects babies. Therefore, they need more care than children who had a full term. It is vital that the mother, father, brother and all other people living with the baby to be kept informed about these illnesses – symptoms, treatments – and always ask for guidance from the pediatrician.


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