Tuesday, December 12

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

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Since the beginning of motorcycling, people knew that they needed something which would protect the exposed parts of the body from nature and leather looked like a natural answer. The leather motorcycle jacket was popularized movie starts like James Dean. It is not only a fashion statement, but also a vital gear for a biker to stay safe, warm and dry. It is perfect to use a good leather jacket paired with leather pants when riding a motorcycle.

One can say that tough leather jackets are mandatory for motorcyclists as it protects you best as well as looks cool. The most often leather which is used to make jackets for motorcycle users is cowhide, which is selected for its durability and strength.

Some tips for finding the ideal motorcycle jacket:

  • You can go through the motorcycle magazines or websites to check out the leather jackets available in your area. Remember that motorcycle parts shops, department stores and motorcycle dealers generally charge more if you want quality leather jacket.

  • Pick a leather jacket which will keep you warm against cold winds as well as safeguard your skin from ant bruises if there is an accident. If you get vented jackets, they will let the wind swish in and keep you cool during hot days.

  • Try not to buy jackets made from low quality leather, which has been smoothed with the help of wax, and will not last for long. Get jackets which are manufactured from water buffalo or cowhide leather.

  • You must ensure that the leather jacket fits you well as if the jacket is very tight, it will make you uncomfortable when you are riding. In case it is very loose air can get trapped inside and when you are riding, it will make you feel that you are wearing a large balloon. It will make you feel much better if you wear a well fitted jacket and it will really make a difference, particularly for sport bike riders. You can try it out to see that it fits you well or confirm your size accordingly.

Once you have been able to locate and buy the ideal biker jacket you must take proper care of it and you can be sure that it will reward you with several years of service. Typically the life of a heavy cloth jacket is maximum between 3 to 6 years. On the other hand a well kept good quality leather motorcycle jacket can easily last you for 10 years or even more!


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