Look And Feel Good In Leather Blazers

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Leather blazers are a craze most of the time. When you plan to buy leather products it is a good idea to get to know more about the various kinds of leather which are available today including the cost. You can get fashionable leather blazers in 2 button and 3 button styles. You will find different colored leather which are used to design stylish blazers like black, olive green, brown, yellow, warm caramel, red, cognac and sienna.

Different kinds of leather

If we define leather, it is a tanned, toughened but flexible, dried, as well as dyed animal skin. With new evolution in dyeing techniques and processes you can get most kinds of leather in almost all colors. There are some kinds of leathers which are well known for their special colors.

Buckskin is flexible leather which has a smooth finish and comes from stag i.e. deer, antelope or elk.

Chamois leather was the original form made from Alpine chamois which is an animal like a goat. Presently it is made from sheepskin. Chamois is well known for the extreme softness, light tan shades and absorbency ability.

Calfskin is leather made from young cows. It has a smooth texture, but can be made rough to develop “velour leather,” which is embossing it with designs and other textures. It is more of a dressy kind and you will typically find it in darker colors like browns and blacks.

Cowhide is the leather which is made from adult cows and is mostly used for making shoes, leather blazers and boots. It is strong and tough and can be made in rough or smooth finish. They are available in most colors but are more popular in brown and black.

Lizard skins like that of alligator, crocodile or other lizards are generally used for shoes, belts and luggage. They come in a scaly texture with a lovely sheen, and are available in green, red, grey, and brown shades.

Suede is designed from the back side of calfskin and is roughened to make it extremely soft. In fact the result is that it looks like velvet. You can get suede items in most of the main colors.

If you look at the price a fancy leather blazer will cost anything from $250 to $1000. This is typically based on the leather quality, pattern and cut. Leather blazers are made in all different sizes and cut. Many men prefer long leather jackets while women like to wear short as well as long leather blazers.


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