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It is almost essential for every woman to have a black dress in her set of clothes.  Black dress is versatile and can be used for a dinner party, on a date, night out with friends or a semi-formal or formal event. It is just perfect for all occasions, but to find that perfect black dress is not going to be very simple as we all are different. It involves planning and hard work to get the perfect fit for the black dress.

Here are some suggestions on the ways to find that perfect black dress which will suit your body type and shape and also reduce the hard work.

If you are a woman with flabby arms: Pick dresses which have half or three quarter sleeve length or wear a stole so that your butterfly arms are not so conspicuous. You can also hide the problematic part of upper arm by using ruffled fabric for the sleeve and don’t get big poof ball sleeves.

If you are a woman with a thick neck: When you wear a black dress with a V-neck it helps to divert attention from your neck and lengthens the neck line.

If you are a woman with broad shoulders: You can wear scoop-necks or V-neck black dress which gives a break and draws attention towards the centre and away from the width. You must not wear spaghetti straps or strapless styles.

If you are a woman with sloped or narrow shoulders: You a get a wider look with a boat neck or straight-across bateau black dress.

If you are a woman with big bust: Bateau or boat neck black dress will work well for you as they keep the eyes up, instead of the cleavage. Some V-necks dresses are also good if you wear it with caution as it cuts the bulk. Check for the V or it will reveal more. It is best to use thin material.

If you are a woman with no chest: You could just wear a simple padded bra to look good in a black dress. Women who have a semi-flat chest can wear a round neck and sleeveless black dress. It will draw attention to the shoulders and you can wear a short bolero jacket.

For a Woman with flabby belly: You can hide the roles by using ruched fabrics and avoid clingy black dress. You can get the empire waist as it flares from a high waist and hides the stomach flab. You can use a body-shaper to look less flabby.

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