Monday, December 11

You Can Remove And Prevent Wrinkles On A Tie

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It is much simpler to stop the tie from getting wrinkles as compared to removing them from the tie. If you follow the simple tips mentioned below you will have wrinkle-free ties always.

The tie should be rolled loosely when it is stored. It is not advisable to hang the tie for a long time as that can result in permanent wrinkling. For rolling the tie, start with holding the narrow side and wind up the tie with the wide end remaining on the outside. Put this roll on a flat surface facing the coiled part. It will get rid of the wrinkles a short time and you will have a fresh tie for using again.

Get the tie knot untangled before you store it as a knotted tie may lead to the forming of permanent wrinkles. For untying the knot just do the steps of tying the knot in a reverse order. If you untie it hurriedly you may pull it hard which can again result in wrinkles.

It is important to have the right amount of tightness when tying the knot as very tight knots can result in wrinkles.

To get rid of most of the wrinkles from the tie you can roll the tie inside a clean towel and allow it to sit for a day or so. Once you remove the tie from the towel, let it hang for some hours. The action of hanging and rolling works like magic for most wrinkles.

It is possible to iron the tie lightly without any steam at low temperatures. Hot iron tens to weaken the fabric and you must use the right fabric setting when ironing the tie.

To make sure that the tie does not wrinkle during traveling, roll the tie loosely and ensure that the roll has enough space when kept in the baggage. It is good for people who travel more often to buy a tie case.

It is best to get the tie dry cleaned rather than washing it by machine or even hand washing the ties. Ordinary washing can lead to permanent wrinkles on the tie.

It is best to give some days of gap before wearing the same tie again as this will help the tie to get back to its original wrinkle-free state by hanging.

Keep in mind that the wrinkled tie does not give a professional appearance when you go for work. It is good to purchase a tie organizer or any other storage device which will keep your ties in a good wrinkle free state.


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