Suppressing Sections And Drill Down Reports

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You have several different options for suppressing sections. One option is to check Suppress Blank Section, which allows you to use SCR to run perfectly formatted invoices and letters, and any other type of report where you may have information missing but do not want blank spaces. Using the Section Expert, select the Suppress Blank Section check box to prevent the section from printing if it is blank.

Hiding Sections to Make Drill Down Reports

Hiding sections on a report creates a drill down report, also called a summary report. You can hide the Details section’ of a report so that it does not print in Preview—only the Group Header and Footer sections print showing just the summary information for the report. To drill down, double-click a summary field in the Group Header or Footer areas. This opens a new tab on top of the’ Preview tab showing the details for the group on which you drilled down. There is no limit to the number of groups you can hide and then drill down to 1 see. Sometimes you will want to work with the formatting on a report so that the summary report and drill down tabs look the way you want.


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