Under Laying Sections

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Seagate Crystal Reports gives you the ability to underlay sections of a report. Under laying a section under another allows you to have information in the background of your report, such as a watermark, shaded company logo, or even die word DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL in shaded gray letters. You can also use this underlay functionality to underlay charts or maps so that they print beside details they describe, rather than before or after. You can underlay exist­ing .sections, or extra sections can be added to facilitate under laying while maintaining organization and space for information you do not want to under­lay. For example, it looks great to have a Group Header section containing a graph underlay the Details section so that the detail values being graphed print text to the graph. To make one section underlay following sections:

You will learn about inserting a graph In Chapter 12, “Adding Charts and Maps for Better Data Analysis.”

1. Using the Section Expert, add a second Group Header section by click­ing the Insert button with the current Group Header section selected. You now have a Group Header la and Ib, and the new Group Header Ib section appears in the Design tab.

2. Add the information you want to underlay to the Group Header la area in the Design tab, and move any group headings to Group Header Ib.

3. Use the Section Expert to underlay Group Header la by selecting the section and then selecting the Underlay Following Sections check box. Click OK to close the Section Expert.

4. Preview your report. Both sections display in the Design tab, but in the Preview tab Group Header la under lays Group Header Ib.


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