How to Have Blooming Flowers Indoors All Year Round.

Supplies you will need:

To begin your project you will need several pots to plant your bulbs in.  These pots can be of any size or shape.  Since these flowers are to be grown inside you can plant the bulbs as close together as possible.  You will also need potting soil, any grade will do.  Of course you will need flower bulbs of any kind.

The process:

Take your choice of bulbs, place them in your refrigerator for at least 30 days in advance of planting.  This fools the bulbs into thinking they have gone thru the winter and when you take them out immediately place your bulbs into the planting soil that you have put into your pots.  Place these planted pots in a sunny window and water throughly.  As you may know the water will come out of the bottom of the pots so be sure to place the pots in something that will catch the run off of the water.

The conclusion:

After about a week you will the greenery start pushing up through the soil and before you know it you will buds start forming on the ends or in the middle of your plants and then blooms will bless your pot.

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