Saturday, December 16

Setting Page Breaks

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Due to the sectional nature of Seagate Crystal Reports, you can set page breaks between sections. Select the New Page Before or New Page After check boxes on the Section Expert to set page breaks. For example, to have each group start on a new page, open the Section Expert for the Group Footer’ and select the New Page after check box. If you had summary information (grand totals) for the entire report in the Report Footer section, that section would print alone on the last page of a report because you selected New Page After for the Group Footer section. If you had no groups on the report and wanted grand totals on their last page, you would select the Report Footer section and select the New Page Before check box.

To keep grand totals In the Report Footer from being stranded on the last page of a report, instead of selecting the New Page After cheek box for the Croup footer section, click the Conditional Formula button and write the formula “OnLastRecord = false”. This creates a page break for every group that does not contain the last record. If the OnLastRecord function Is true, SCR Ignores the. New Page After command.


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