Formatting Sections

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Just as SCR gives you many ways to format fields, you can also format entire sections of a report. By formatting sections, you can force a page break after each group or hide the Details section of a report to create a summary report. Due to the nature of sections, formatting them differs from formatting fields.

You do not set the font or style of a section; rather, you control how the sections act within your report, you will find that being able to manipulate and format sections greatly enhances your ability to create reports that look and act just as you need them to. ‘

The Section Expert provides many absolute formatting options along with buttons for writing conditional formulas. The next section describes steps to ope11 and use the Section Expert, and then the following sections describe using of the options available to you with this Expert. To open and use the Sec­tion Expert:

1.    Open the Section Expert by clicking Format, Section or by clicking the Section Expert toolbar button. The Expert can also be opened from any of the section area shortcut menus.

2.    From the Sections list, select the section you want to format.

3.    Use any formatting options from cither the Common or Color tabs. Note that along with check boxes to turn options on or off, you can write conditional formulas using the Conditional Formula buttons.

4.    Use the Insert, Selects and merge buttons to insert additional sections •on your report, delete sections you added, or merge sections together.

5.    Click OK to close the Section Expert and save any changes or format­ting that you set.


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