Alcohol Abuse And Effects

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There are several alcohol abuse effects that can be highlighted. However we shall dwell on some of the disgusting results of alcohol abuse in a number of areas of our existence. We shall study alcohol abuse effects on the body, the family, the children and the brain in general. The purpose of this article is to assist somebody grappling with alcohol addiction to have a rethink about drinking alcohol. Contrary to what you see or hear in the mass media and on the internet, drinking of alcohol does you no good.

Moreover, contrary to what the adverts and the corporation are saying, it has nothing to do with gaining additional money and acquiring stunning women. Truly, alcohol results in numerous deplorable consequences. A simple search on major search engine for alcohol abuse effects will show you the negative consequences it is having on the homes and investments of superstars and models that we esteem in our homes. In conclusion, alcohol has no advantage and must be steer clear off . Alcohol abuse effects are awfully shocking indeed.

Alcohol consumption has led to the collapse of numerous homes as well as friendship. Numerous marriages started well but once alcohol addiction enters into the family, it tears the family apart. Where there was once joy, bitterness and trouble prevails. Where there was formerly harmony, hatred is on the prowl. The home and family is no longer appealing and beautiful. Add this to the alcohol abuse effects on the youth and you discover why the home and family is no longer what it used to be. The children learn about the bad outcomes of alcohol abuse from their parents. The children are neglected and their schooling is also affected by the alcohol consumption of either the mom or dad.

Alcohol abuse effects on the body are also very shocking. Alcoholics always undergo these harmful consequences in silence. For instance, the liver is one of the organs that are affected by alcohol consumption. Furthermore, there is possibility of having cancer of the mouth as a result of having alcohol.

Equally, alcohol abuse effects on the human brain are not cheering. This is because the brain of an alcohol addict is always affected by alcohol. He or she will not be able to think constructively. This may lead to loss in productivity in the place of work which will cause loss of career as the business may no longer need the service of an addict.

Reading about alcohol abuse effects is not sufficient. You have to make sure that you look for alcohol abuse help before things get worse. Don’t wait till the condition gets worse and you lose your employment, family, children and brain to alcohol.

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