How to Stop Smoking in One Night And Forever

cigarette addiction is the most difficult to stop once the person has fallen into the habit of smoking is extremely difficult to quit on their own and without the need for professional help. 
There are many methods in the market that promise miraculous results in curing this terrible addiction, are from patches, gum, hypnosis and the filters until finally you just leave the electronic cigarette but found that this is equally or more harmful than traditional cigarettes , so it does not exist or have not yet invented a panacea or cure for this terrible vice. 
I lasted 30 years I smoked, I smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes every day and sometimes a little more one knows and is aware that it is poisoning, that with each puff of smoke is filling the lungs of hundreds of carcinogens as tar and nicotine is the most harmful and which produces the addiction of smoking, I often said I can leave when I want, but lying addiction is much stronger. 
repeatedly tried to quit using the methods mentioned above but could not, I could not stop, until one night I had a few drinks with some friends and I came home after midnight, it was summer, and did unbearably hot so I decided to take a mattress and sleep in a room overlooking a terrace and entering the proper ventilation, do not know what time I fell asleep the truth is that when you open your eyes and realized I want to breathe I could not, tried to take a breath but I could not breathe or inhale or to exhale for the despair I felt at that moment is the worst I’ve ever felt in my life, I really do not want it to anyone, seeing I could not breathe I stopped running around the house trying unsuccessfully to breathe and despair began to knock on doors and walls, I was choking, my wife woke up startled by the sound without knowing that was what happened to me, I will sign language indicated that he could not breathe, you hit me back, he did not know how many seconds elapsed, to me seemed like hours until a strike could finally breathe again, I tried to talk and almost no voice left me, had watery eyes and desperation effort to try to breathe. 
since that night 6 years ago and finally left the damn cigarette habit, I really do not recommend this method but I’m absolutely sure is that it is the most effective for smoking cessation in a single night, and truth wholeheartedly wish I did not have to get to where I think I got a somewhat or very strong will can stop this deadly habit, the important thing is to leave on time, and truly regret not being able to treat them like the miraculous guess I should be looking for but unfortunately that have not yet invented, really so sorry.



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