You Know That a Single Cigarette Has 60 Carcinogenic Substances?

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those who smoke or smoked ever know and are aware that smoking harms us and we can die of lung cancer, emphysema, stroke, of a cerebrovascular attack, or cardio respiratory problems, but nevertheless that most smokers continue their deadly habit. 
addiction is much stronger than willpower, knew that a cigarette contains 4027 chemicals, 200 of them are highly poisonous, and 60 of these are carcinogenic, and many are: nicotine, tar, benzene, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, also contains ammonia, benzopyrene, acrolein, hydrogen cyanide, etifenol, filosterol, methane, isupreno, acetone, butanone, 
also toluene, actonitrilo, nitrobenzene, urethane, Samina, hydrazine, polonium, and DDT, to name some of the most harmful. 
only in the European Union die each year because of cigarette 650.000personas die each day in the world around 14,000 people, representing 5 million deaths each year from diseases associated with smoking, in charge of making laws in all country should legislate much more in this matter, to force large companies cigarette manufacturers to put labels on cigarette packs and a legend in large letters saying that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer and therefore death. 
we see that the big tobacco companies last thing they worry about is the health of consumers, what we really care about these big multinationals that snuff every day there is more addicted to cigarettes in the world for them to continue filling dollars their millionaire coffers.




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