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An Area in Toronto as Varied as Its Name – Cabbagetown

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How did Cabbagetown come by its unusual name? The most well-known tale of how Cabbagetown got its name dates back to the Irish immigrants settling in the region in the 1840s. Destitute by the potato famine in their homeland, they could only afford to cook stew made from the cabbage planted in their front yards. Therefore the Irish named the town after their diet and the Cabbagetown name is still used today.

Years ago, it was a run-down, low-or-no-income neighbourhood, the ‘largest Anglo-Saxon slum in North America’ as Hugh Garner wrote in his novel “Cabbagetown”. Years later homebuyers saw a future in Cabbagetime and started buying up properties and land creating what it what it is today.

Pouring funds into the district in the 1970s, Canadians that saw the potential endeavoured to restore the old buildings and the gardens to their former glory. A sort after district, Cabbagetown has a diverse range of individuals living in it, not least its Bohemian community of artists, musicians and writers.

The Cabbagetown neighbourhood has moved a bit and is now just north of the original neighbourhood; but nearby is downtown Toronto which is a busy business district with many of shopping and entertainment opportunities.

What can we do in the Cabbagetown district?

As a Cabbagetown real estate professional, I can recommend some fun activities. If you’re looking for a place to spend some quality time with your family, Riverdale Park is one of the best choices. The park possesses a municipal farm where you can see what its like to work on a farm with the daily tasks such as grooming horses, milking the cows and goats, feeding the animals; fun for the little ones and all other ages. The park itself has a large wooded area which you can stroll through, or sit around the many ponds or even in the charming scented gardens.

The Cabbagetown Fall Festival is an event not to be overlooked; taking place each September it is a big success for visitors and residents alike. The festival parade which has bands, floats and local politicians, commence marching on the Saturday morning of the festival at 10 am. The festival also highlights an arts and crafts fair, a dog show, a community-wide yard sale and the well-liked Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival.

Toronto is a very diverse culture and embraces the differences of its people, only a short distance from Cabbagetown, Toronto is the home to a large gay community . Embracing the contrasts in culture, age and size of the community, this area is extremely busy with many cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. There are not many countries in the world where popular showtime programs are filmed, but the neighbourhood is put on the map with the filming of the program Queer as Folk. Gay Pride’s take place all over the world and Church and Wellesley entertains Canada’s celebrations in the last week of June.


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