Monday, December 18

Depression And Its Reasons

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There are times in all our lives when we feel the whole world is against us, whichever way we turn the path seems to be blocked.
This is what it is like when you suffer from depression, you lose interest in things you once loved to do once, and the whole way you feel interferes with your work your social life and your family.
All seem lost and there is no way out, for no reason you begin to cry, and then there’s the guilty feeling, you don’t know why you feel guilty you just do.

You don’t want to do anything and indeed any motivation you once had has gone.
Your interest in other things in sex and even life take a dive, you don’t eat properly, (Just can’t be bothered) and the thought of the future is a distant image.
This is a little of what it is like to be depressed.
It’s no good saying to someone who is depressed “Pull yourself together” or “Things will soon be OK” words of comfort seem to make things even worse.

Around one in four women and one in 10 men have depression serious enough to need treatment at some point in their lives. People of all ages can be affected by depression.
So what can you do? Well to recognize that you are depressed is the first step and the next is to seek help, so a visit to your GP could be your next step, this doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself.
You can help yourself by exercising and going for long walks, (Yes it really helps) if you smoke and or drink try and cut it down, as both can make it even worse.
Allow yourself to a treat once a day; this can give you something to look forward to.
And do things you like to do, easy to say I know.


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