The Anguish of an Artist

I was studying a painting on my visit to the National art gallery in London, trying to imagine the thoughts and feelings the artist mind must have been going through, thinking about the colours and the way his model should pose, and I thought, all artists must go through this moment of doubt, as to whether his work is right? would his public like it? And more so what did the model think of his finished masterpiece?

I sat in a corner and wrote the following

Have I captured her look, Have I captured her stare?
The way that the ribbon is tied in her hair
should I paint in a detail should I add any more
should she look straight ahead or look to the floor
and the colours I choose, and the mix I combine.
Have I captured her likeness? Her beauty divine
She waits and she wonders to see, what I see
Will she argue her point or will she agree
Have I shown her sweet charm her grace her attraction
Is it there on my canvas what will be her reaction
And now my creation at last is complete
As I look upon it with a certain conceit
I am pleased I have shown what it is I perceive
I have done with my work what I set to achieve

And now I am thinking Would my reader like this poem? should I have made it longer? have I chosen the right words?

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