Monday, December 18

Why Dont we Eat Turkey Eggs?

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So how come we don’t see turkey eggs in the shops? Turkey eggs are quite edible, and taste very similar to Chickens eggs in fact any kind of bird egg is edible. The richest yolk found, is in the goose egg. Turkey eggs are very much bigger and weigh a lot more than Chicken eggs.
They are about one and a half time heaver than a Chicken egg around 80 to 90 grams and are creamy in colour with brown speckles you could say they are slightly bigger then a jumbo Chicken egg.
They have a flavour that is very similar to a chicken egg, so how come we don’t see them in the shops?

Well for a start Turkeys don’t lay as many eggs as Chickens, also on Turkey farms the birds are bred to produce more Turkeys and as they don’t lay many the eggs so they are seldom available to the consumer except in some speciality markets.
If available to the general market they would have to be sold at a lot higher price then Chicken eggs.
Another reason that we don’t eat them, although in theory you could, is the shells are very much thinner then Chicken eggs and consequently more prone to contract diseases such as salmonella and the like.

The eggs contain 135 calories, 9 grams of fat, and almost 740 mg of cholesterol, all of which are significantly higher than for a jumbo chicken egg another very good reason in this health conscious world we live, in for not eating them
However if after reading this you are still determined to eat them, any recipe that has eggs can be used, in fact I suppose you could say one Turkey egg would equal about two small chicken eggs, on the other hand one ostrich egg is the same amount as two dozen chicken eggs and Ostrich eggs have a very hard shell so less prone to disease you might be better off eating one of those.

Just think of an omelet made from an Ostrich egg it would be enough for the whole family, and if you liked your eggs boiled you would have to boil it for about an hour and a half and that’s just for a soft boiled one, and just think of the size of the egg cup you would have to use
I hope that answers the question of why we don’t eat Turkey Eggs.

Me? I am a vegan so I don’t eat eggs anyway, or come to that turkey as well, happy cooking.

And to end, a little Turkey trivia.

  • The female is call a Hen and the male a tom or gobbler; now don’t go making up your own jokes will you. The chicks are called poults.

  • Turkeys can fly although their flight is only a short distance and is determined by its weight as domesticated birds are bred to weigh as much as possible you hardly ever see them fly.

  • Turkeys have no direct relation to the country of Turkey despite the name


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