Monday, December 18

Natural Flower Essences Such As Rescue!

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Flower essences are basically extracts of flowers that are prepared in a bowl of water and infused under the sun. These extracts are further diluted, potentized and then preserved with the help of brandy. Each essence that is made has the energy pattern of the flower it was made from, and is used to cure ailments of the mind. It must be understood here that the mind is different from the body and that the mind and the body are two separate entities. Medicines that work on the body may not necessarily work on the mind and when a person complains of mental anxiety or depression, it’s not that they are going mad, but just that they are actually sick. People such as these strongly believe in the use of flower essences as rescue remedies and natural remedies.

The use of flower essences are natural remedies and rescue remedy, was greatly popularized by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s. Dr. Bach also launched his own range of Bach Flower essences. Today, flower essences are basically available in bottles and have now started coming out in sprays as well. Some companies, including the one that sells the original version of Dr. Bach’s essences has even launched a range of sugar free, additive free lozenges made out of flower essences.

As medical science slowly accepts the fact that the mind can be treated using the aromas and energies of flowers, more and more flower essence companies have started producing their own variants of essences that are basically more than one flower essence mixed together for a known problem. This way instead of mixing a few drops of several essences in a glass of water, or using a few drops of several essences under your tongue, just four drops of the combined essences are enough.


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