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There are many of us who rush to the store the moment a hair care product has been launched and given the stamp of approval by a trusted friend. So now you have got an envious collection of products but your shopping indulgences are in vain if your hair does not benefit by them in any way whatsoever. Ok so they might be the best products that are there in the market but work wonders on everyone except you? Then it is the right time for some introspection.


So, you loves the way your hair smells after you have shampooed it, but that’s a lousy excuse to shampoo it every day. This is the reason for your dry, limp, thinning hair. If you use styling products every other day, the chances of the residue build-up on your scalp are very high. You need to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all this product build-up and pollutants from your scalp.


It is not surprising if you still have dull, lifeless hair despite using rich conditioners, hair masques, etc. Go a little too liberal with the conditioner and you will only end up weighing down your hair. Ideally, you must not use more than two teaspoons of conditioner for your hair unless you have really long tresses. Apart from applying too much you might also not be distributing the conditioner evenly. Applying conditioner from the root to tip is wrong. You will clog the roots of your hair and your scalp might break out in itchy, oil bumps.


Hair spray contains alcohol and polymers. While certain types of alcohol in hair products can be beneficial to the hair, avoid hair sprays that have ethanol as it can be very damaging. Excessive use of hair sprays can rob your hair of its shine. Besides, using it more than once or twice a week can lead to clogging of the roots and build-up on the scalp. You might also have dandruff-like particles flaking off from your hair. Remember to hold the bottle ten inches away from the hair while spraying.


Hair that has been gelled too much or too often looks fragile and lacks luster. Hair gel works only on the surface and stays away from the follicles which hold the hair in place, so you don’t run the risk of balding. But excessive use of hair gels can make your hair look dull and matted.


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