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On a daily basis we have to encounter many events be it in our home, schools, colleges and workplace to name a few. Many of them are life-altering events and have effects that last for ages. Of course if an event has brought smiles on your face you would love to remember it as long as possible. But here am talking about some unexpected negative experiences. They tend to leave a scar on your mind till one drop dead. Some are so vulnerable that they break into pieces while other few try to combat them with will and determination. Kudos to them and for the weaker ones we haven’t forgotten them. For such depressed and shattered lives and minds we have post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD addiction treatment which is channelized by rehabilitation centers.

On a visit to one such rehab I found out about a woman who is battling to gain her normalcy and beat the stress which has captured her after a painful incident. This lady hailing from fisherman’s family had five boys and two girls. She used to live indoors with her daughters while the sons sailed to the wild sea for earning livelihood. In a span of few years she lost her husband and her four sons. She could manage to breathe with this loss. The death of the youngest one was the last straw. She still remembers the morning when her son asked her to stay fit and instructed his two sisters to take care of the family till he returns from sea.

She was caught in a dilemma. She could neither stop her son from venturing into the sea nor could she make herself believe that her last son will not face the same fate like all the other men in the family. As her fears got true the dead body of her son was brought home the next day. This experience shook her so much that she was as cold as a hard rock. Her daughters tried to make her emote but this lady didn’t move an inch. Without any further delay she was brought to a rehab centre that dealt with this kind of syndrome.

Today after I heard the story I found a great difference in her attitude and temperament. She has evolved as a stronger individual who is harboring a fresh energy to live her life. Under the supervision of professional experts and enrolled under best drug program the positive change in her cannot escape anyone’s eye. Like her many women have found effective ways to recover from depression, fear, flashbacks, anger, sleep problems and are learning techniques to cope with their traumatic experiences.


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