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Hamilton’s Career on Stake by Personal Issues

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Hamilton was quite good in a McLaren which was quite away in terms of pace and compatibility of the Red Bull. But there are some of the track gossips, exclusively prepared for placing blame on Lewis Hamilton’s failings in the 2010 Formula One.

No doubt, he made some awful mistakes on the track which really cost him imminent points in the toughest contest, as latest motorsports news are of the same notion so far.

No doubt, it’s quite shocking for a famous player, when media and other stake holders probe into his personal life. Really, when it comes to Hamilton’s personal life he was especially disturbed with two main events overshadowing his professional career.

The one event relates with the discontinuation of his connection with his most reliable manager. The god father who made him what he is now. Similarly, the break up with his most beloved girl friend Nicole put the last nail in the coffin. Defiantly, these two mega happenings were more than enough to jolt his professional skills so far. Moreover, these events were also quite shocking for motorsports betting as well.

Really, it’s quite hard to disrupt a good relation with father who is also his ex manger as well. It was a very close and a strong connection between both guys. But unfortunately it happened. No doubt, his father remained with him in every odd situation. Who helped Hamilton’s shaking career with all possible efforts.

On the same time it’s proven that it’s really hard to manage business with flexible family terms. His split was quite honest in terms of making a decision to keep both relations in a limit. But unfortunately this decision will impact negatively on the professional career of Hamilton.

Hamilton stated in his recent comment that he and his father had a few bad experiences in terms of race. Similarly, he lost meaningful points and charm on the track because of this weak chemistry with his manager. Even he tried hard to compete in the recent events. So it’s better to keep relationship and business at a possible distance, otherwise everything will be ruined.

Moreover, mistakes like Spain dragged him into second position, but on the other hand Singapore race proved to be a miserable situation. Hamilton is concentrating on his better performance for the year 2011. According to latest motorsports news, he is trying to amend what has been done in the previous races. Really, if he succeeds in improving his game, than motorsports betting will be charmed by his wins. 

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