Lamp Application Development: An Overview

LAMP which means Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl, has been in news lately. LAMP application development has picked up steam again as more and more companies prefer it to some ERP solutions. Linux is a widely used operating system while Apache is a well known web server. MySQL is the database management system used by many companies worldwide, while the ‘P’ in LAMP which refers to PHP or Perl or Python are scripting languages.

Linux: Linux is an OS kernel similar to UNIX. Linux development is mainly in vogue because of its incredible security features thus making it the most preferred choice for web-server applications. What’s more, Linux is free and an open-source software.

Apache: Apache is an open source web server, which is very on the popularity scale and is free to use.

MySQL: MySQL is a SQL DBMS boasting of 11,000,000+ installations. Its prime features include that it is multithreaded and multi-user system. Owned by Sun Microsystems, it was taken over by Oracle Corporation in 2009.

Perl, PHP, or Python: PHP is an efficient programming language widely used in the creation of dynamic web pages. PHP is used along with Perl and Python for server-side application software.

The above combination can help a user to run a program on the web browser easily. PHP application development has become popular by itself and not without it was thought of by their developers. This combination is extremely cost effective and also because it is universal.

Benefits of MySQL:

– Very low licensing cost

– Ultra-fast loading

– Good Table and Index partitioning features

– Master/Slave replication with high speed reconfiguration utility

– Multi-version Transaction support

– Efficient query engine

– Secure encryption decryption functions

Benefits of PHP:

– Easy task handling in heavy traffic sites

– Open source yet secure

– Low cost

– Being open source new functionality have been added consistently

– Simple coding style

PHP application development is very reliable and offers great performance to various companies. But LAMP application development offers much more for developers including a sense of freedom from licensing and other headaches.

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