Custom Imprinted Pen Or Pencil: Ideal Gift That Will Surely Melt Her Heart This Valentines

Studies showcase that women are more into writing instruments than men. It is mentioned on a certain statistic that 56% of women’s purchases on promotional products goes to writing materials like pens and pencils while calendars got 28%, bags got 26% and health and safety products got 11%. Maybe that’s one of the distinct basis why we frequently say that women as emotional beings. They are the ones who spend time to write their emotions on journals and diaries. They are also more vocal than men. Beyond doubt, there are so many differences that separates men from women. But one thing is for sure, men can please women in many techniques that one uniquely this coming Valentines.

Word can definitely melt women’s hearts notably with how the words are being said. But definitely, action speaks louder than words. Speaking of writing merchandise, writing her are heartfelt letter would right pair with a candlelight dinner. Nonetheless, if you want to veer away from the customary means of making her lively. Maybe devising a custom imprinted pen and pencil would be a splendid option. It might sound rough but it is greatly uncomplicated. Here are the instructions on how you would forge a promotional pen and pencil that is proper for Valentines Day.

Materials Needed:

Pen Felt Paper Scissors Ribbon Beads Glue Jewelry Wire Alphabet Stencil

Step One. Acquire all the materials that you need. Prepare the custom personalized pen or pencil coat it colored felt paper.

Step Two. Roll the jewelry wire around the customized pen starting from the tip down to its handle. Cover the tip of the pen or pencil so the jewelry wire will not be exposed. implement the same with the other end by wrapping it with felt paper of different color.

Step Three. Pin the bead on the jewelry wire.

Step Four. Set the logo printed pen aside and get any heart shaped stock or craft your own using felt and make it fluffy by stuffing cotton balls inside. Put the heart shape stock at the end part of the pen.

Step Five. On a separate felt paper, write any message of love. You can write it capitalizing a marker pen or trace each letters of the words “I love you” using the alphabet stencil and stick one by one.

Devising such far-out promotional pen or pencil would be very much appreciated. Such act will assuredly melt her heart knowing the fact that you exerted effort just to make such kind of material.

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