Monday, December 11

Weird Science And Medicine

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These are 10 medications that have some rather extremely strange side effects. These are side effects that are lesser known because the most dangerous ones are always listed on the package insert or discussed with your pharmacist or physicians. To say the least….these are strange.

1.    Vasotec-taken for patients experiencing high blood pressure or congestive heart failure

Side effect-lack of smell. The nose doesn’t know but it can’t smell. Great for those overnight diapers that pack a wallop

2.    Xeloda or Capecitabine-cancer medication

Swelling of the palms of the hands and/or feet. If you are a criminal you will love this one, your fingerprints can completely disappear while taking the medication

3.    Propecia-baldness in men

Produces breasts in men. I suppose with breasts you would have your mind off of losing your hair

4.    Viagra-originally designed for men that were experiencing heart conditions of several sorts

We do know the one “positive” side effect that the medication is currently being prescribed for…..there is another one, color blindness is another side effect that can be caused by Viagra. What did we invent it for again?

5.    ChantixMirapex and Lariam-used for those who would like to quit smoking cigarettes

Patients have reported violent hallucinations and psychotic breaks. When you need your cigarettes the most!

6.    Zoloft-treatment of depression and disorders

Zoloft can not only produce the same side effect a Viagra in the erection department, but it can have the erection last longer than 3 hours without ejaculation. In addition, may cause suicidal thoughts and disorders or make them worse. What does depressant mean again? Don’t worry; all of the anti-depressants on the market can cause the same thing

7.    Accutane-treatment of acne

Side effects can be rectal bleeding, rapidly growing hair (everywhere and anywhere), psychosis, crying spells, hepatitis, crying spells. Exactly all of the things you love and miss from high schools

8.    Levquin-treatment of bacterial infections

Stay out the sun. Photo toxicity can occur. You can develop a 3rd degree sunburn from this antibiotic. Sunburn is almost immediate. In addition, ruptured tendons have been known to occur.

9.    Requip-prescribed for restless leg syndrome

Unusual sexual and gambling related urges can be caused. This is true and exclaimed in their onlinecommercials (in very small writing and said very,very, very rapidly)

10.  Alli-weight loss or appetite control product

Side effects are uncontrollable bowel movements, flatulence, and “oily spotting”. The website describes it as something that looks similar to what is on top of a pizza (?). The vision will stay with you……

Remember-when some of the mad hatters find themselves in the lab, they may not always get the results that they are looking for. There may be a plus or a minus, depending upon what comes out of the other end.


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