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How to Write a Resume Objective Statement

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The objective statement in your resume can become the job winner statement of your resume. If the objective statement is not convincing, then most probably the employer would not read the resume further.

You explain everything in your resume like, experience, educational qualification etc. but the objective statement is the most important, to let the prospective employer know about  your long term career goals. It clearly indicates the position you are looking for.  

Dos While Writing the Objective

  • Mention the position for which you are applying

  • Summarize your education

Indicate in an assertive way that you are keen for personal as well as will contribute to the organizational growth

Don’t While Writing the Objective

  • Writing the vague or general objective

  • Writing too lengthy description

Is the Objective Statement Necessary for All Resumes?

In cases where the candidate is diversifying or changing his/her existing career, it is necessary to write the objective. Many a times it is necessary to write the job objective at the entry level.

On the other hand, if the person is in the field from a long period of time, then job objective is not important. Instead of that he/she can club his work history as a summary. 

The objective you have written should be convincing in following respects such as, what is the job profile you are looking for? What are your skills? How you will be proven as an asset for the company?

The last question mentioned is very important. Understand one fact, that your objective statement should focus more on how can you be a right candidate from the company’s point of you. Most common mistake the candidate commits while writing the resume is, he/she focuses on want or need for particular job. Thinking from employer point of view, as he/she is hiring you and paying you; he/she should be assured with the your result oriented capacity.

You can refer resume objective samples on the internet and can write the objective that can create an impression at a glance. In other words you may say that it is the decision making statement whether the prospective employer would spare time to read your resume further or not. So beware a good objective statement can make or break the path.


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