How to Improve Spoken English?

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English is a universal official language. Officially, people have to speak and write in English. But only a few countries have their first language as English. Rest of the countries either use English as their second language or do not use it. When people from these countries have to deal with people speaking in English, then they face problems. The problem becomes bigger if the people, to deal with, are official.

In some countries, English is not the national language, but is used as official language. People there, may have got education in their native languages. So, they become incapable in their future to rise socially and economically. There arises a need to improve spoken English.

Many people know very well ‘how to write English’. Many people are even very much familiar and expert in the grammar. But they fail to speak properly and fluently.

English is a kind of language which is still evolving with new words from other languages as well. The funniest part of this language is that all the words are not spoken as they are written. That is, their pronunciation does not match with the corresponding spelling. So, we have to be very careful. In order to improve your spoken English, follow these steps:

  1. Speak with friends. If one or more of your friends know English, then speak with them in English. This will help you to speak fluently. After a few days, you will be able to see that you are not any more searching for words while speaking. This is the best way to improve spoken English.
  2. Read more. Try to read more and more books. This will help you to understand the use of words in specific contexts. You will get to know about more words and hence will add to your vocabulary. Try to read loudly.
  3. Read newspaper. Newspaper is a combination of daily news, new words, new facts etc. Read at least for 15 minutes daily and try to understand the meaning at one go. Refer to dictionary if you are not able to pronounce any word. Do not make haste. You must read slowly and properly.
  4. Watch English movies. If you are keen to improve your English, then watch English movies, serials, shows and news. Also listen to English music. At first, it may be a bit difficult for you to understand them. But gradually, you will feel that you can keep track of every sentence that is spoken.
  5. Think in English. Generally, people do not do this for improving English. But thinking in English will definitely help you to increase your fluency.
  6. Observe others. Try to observe others who speak good English. Observe their lips. This will help you to neutralize your native accent.
  7. Books on tapes. There are many audios available in market in which different kinds of books are read. Listen to these tapes. Now read the books yourself and record it. Try to find out the mistakes by comparing the two.
  8. Talk with yourself in front of the mirror. This is a very good habit which can be developed if you have no friends to help you.
  9. Have fun. Do not learn English in a monotonous way. It will not help you in long run. Moreover, you will not be able to love the language. Try to have fun while learning. Do it like you carry out your other hobbies.
  10.  Practice and have patience: Making haste is the work of a devil. For getting anything fruitful patience is the key. And we also know “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, keep practicing and have patience.

Hope these steps will help you to improve your spoken English and you prosper in your life.

Good Luck.


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