Benefits of Mint Leaves

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In the olden days, Greeks used it for curing hiccups and clearing their voice. They even added it to their baths to stimulate their bodies. Romans used it to freshen their breath and help in digestion. It is also believed that it keeps ants, fleas and mice away, so people plant it near their doors to deter them. They even added mint to milk to prevent spoilage and also used it to cure ailments right from hiccups to leprosy.

Peppermint oil, when massaged onto the forehead helps to relieve headaches and helps  to cure digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, crohn’s disease, diarrhea, bloating, colic, cramps and heartburn.

Peppermint tea or oil stimulates the flow of digestive juices which help ease indigestion and relieve gas and stomach cramps.

It is also beneficial for easing sickness and nausea associated with pregnancy.

It is beneficial in easing cough and respiratory problems. It helps sinus congestion.

It is good to help relaxation and can be used in nervous conditions for insomnia, stress and anxiety.

It has antiseptic qualities and hence good for cleaning wounds.

It has cooling effect on the body and hence a good appetizer.

It balances vata and kapha.

It is effective in the treatment of liver disorder, digestive and gall bladder disorder.


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