What Makes A Man Happy?

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What are the measures to make a man happy? Is it a Palm Beach residence? A Porsche? Owning an island? 3,000 Facebook friends? A JLo booty? Google page ranks dominance? A Pacquiao-authographed gloves? Or a Willow Smith whipped hair (loved it, kinda crafty)?

So now, let me tell you a story about a Chinese movie I’ve watched yesterday which I think, depicts the true measurement of a man’s happiness:

Yan Ferier is a beautiful warrior princess, a daughter of a very powerful king-warrior during the Han Dynasty. She was forced to assume the throne at the death of her father under the hands of a traitor warlord who wanted to usurp it.

Before the king died, he appointed Mue Heung, a trusted warlord and Ferier’s childhood friend, to be his successor. The Council of Elders did not approve of this, particularly the would-be usurper. Mue Heung encouraged the elders to appoint Ferier as the king, after she completes her training in the affairs of the state and combat. So before her coronation, the princess trained hard under Mue Heung, while the affairs of the state are being handled by a regent.

The covetous tyrant did not stop his quest at gaining the throne by all means. He paid tribal assassins to kill Ferier during her archery training in the forest. The princess fought with all her might but she was struck by a poisonous arrow in her back. She was rescued by a former well known warrior-turned doctor and there, in his home in the forest, she found peace. Away from the cruelties of war, Ferier found contentment in the simplicity of all things surrounding her. It was the first time she felt happy and contented. She does not want to go back to chaos and greed. She belongs here, in this timeless part of the earth with her beloved rescuer.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the capital city. The usurper (I really didn’t get his name, it’s so hard to read..haha..) brought his army and convinced every nobles to join him.

Mue Heung was forced to look for Ferier in the forest. He met the doctor, and told him of the plight of his kingdom after a short fight. The doctor told him that he rescued the princess, and in fact staying with him. So it came to pass that Ferier decided to go back and reclaim her throne only to find Mue Heung dying at the hands of the traitor.

 She fought the tyrant in a single combat. She won the fight and united all the warring factions in the land. Soon she went back to the forest, and found her beloved doctor dead after an ambush. She mourned his death by having his body carried on a flying balloon. In her heart she will cherish the moment she found happiness with him in the midst of a simple life.

Moral lesson? To be happy means to be content in whatever you have, in whatever you do, in whomever you are with. Happiness is utmost contentment.

Try to read the book, The Alchemist, and you will understand what I’m talking about.

And when you do, try to sip coffee with it. Just kidding 😀


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