Mcdowell on Number Seven in The World Golf Ranking

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The Irish golfer bashed his counterpart in an outstanding way. He made a lead of more than three shots against Tiger Woods, as poor Tiger Woods is still unstable to stand against any golfer. McDowell won the cup to complete his outstanding season gracefully.
This unique title which he gained in this championship was the fourth title for him so far. Interestingly, McDowell is reaching for the top position gradually, as once he was on the twelfth position and now on the seventh number.  
Golf betting on his successful career and further advancement is on peak, as there are a lot of speculations about his achievements. Ironically, the same time was not in favor of some other golfers, as Tiger Woods lost his recent match, while on the other hand Mcllory dropped from tenth to eleventh position.
Similarly, this interesting but tough exercise at Chevron Championship ha supplemented more concerns for Woods, as the competitor and the current world champion had stretched his triumphant in the Championship. It’s quite strange that how Woods have been defeated by just 0.8 points.
Now the international champ and the world’s best, the one and only, Westwood is of the outlook that Mcllroy presented glaringly this time and he was the most warranting contestant. On the same time is on the record that the PGA chosen the juvenile Fowler for the rookie award of the year and as for Lee Westwood is concerned, he appeared a little sad with this surprising conclusion of PGA of choosing Fowler for the outstanding award of the year.
Obviously, in such confusing condition for Mr. Woods, it’s the only way to get back his title from Westwood, but it seems he is unable to do it due to prevailing conditions of his personal life. But it’s true that he very much active to take back his lost pride and status.
On the other hand, golf news and the most recent and updated golf ranking depicts that McDowell is new idle for the worshipers of the upcoming season, due to his outstanding skills in the field of Golf. Definitely, such enthusiastic golfer can be a level of inspiration for other golfers and wagers interested in golf betting.

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