Epilepsy Causes – Affects The Part of Brain.

Epilepsy causes due to group of abnormal impulses in the nerve cells that is even called as Neurons. This neurons are been found in the brain system and it is been divided into two major groups. In Idiopathic epilepsy the causes are to be unknown found in the brain. It is been caused due to lack of chemical substance group which helps to impulse in brain. It is basically a brain disorder where one experience when they are been seizures repeated times. The symptoms of these seizures are been different according to the location of the seizure. This Epilepsy causes are to be found hereditary because it may be diagnosed to those who are suffering among the family member. The signs of this problem are it includes mental defects and neurological illness. Those who are triggered to Epilepsy may cause many illness and brain damage like trauma or blood clot in brain and lot more. The Epilepsy causes in wide variety to affect the brain and it is mostly diagnosed to children’s and young people. If one is half diagnosed to Epilepsy then they may cause to abnormality to brain and those full then it is genetic from the family member. It mostly affects a particular part of the brain and if is attacked in major part then the brain stops to work and the person goes in coma. There are many Epilepsy causes which one has to keep a notice like lack of oxygen from the very start during the birth time, abnormality in brain development, can cause to brain tumour, infection to particular part or even blood clot which can cause to brain hemorrhage. If one is diagnosed then immediately treatment and brain scan should be done as precaution recommended by expert doctors.

Types of migraines are many to be found by the researcher and doctors but it is basically a disease where a normal headache turns into severe one. The headache which it is caused due to it can firstly be mild and later within few minutes it worsen sand last till about for 72 hours.  There are two types of migraines which includes as common and classic. In the common migraine the aura is not been existed and the person who is diagnosed just suffer pain and nausea. Aura means the warning that one who suffers from streak of light or flashes in vision. This aura is been existed in classic migraine and the symptoms are one may have a sensation of tingling in their finger. The other types of migraines which are also commonly found in a person are menstrual migraine. The symptoms occurred in this case are the one may feel tired and severe headache after running or lifting heavy weights and also after coughing continuously. In this case the headache is so severe that one has to land up in hospital for treatment. There are other two more types of migraines including hemiplegics and ophthalmologic. In some cases those patients who are diagnosed to migraine they sometimes have to suffer that half portion of body is been paralyzed either temporary or permanently. The common symptom is that the headache starts in mild way for 10 minutes and then it gets worse to nearly an hour. If not immediately treated it may cause many problems ahead in life.

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