Nitrous For Power

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As almost any racer will tell you, there isn’t a single modification that can add more “horsepower per dollar” than nitrous oxide injection. The concept is simple, and there are a number of different types of nitrous systems on the market today to accomplish the task.


Nitrous Oxide is a molecule (N2O) that carries a great deal of oxygen, and is more stable than oxygen alone. When injected with the proper amount of fuel, nitrous can increase an engine’s horsepower to the point of engine explosion.

“Dry” Systems

Dry nitrous systems depend upon the engine’s fuel injection computer to compensate for the additional oxygen intake by increasing the amount of fuel injected. Dry nitrous systems are limited by the amount of extra fuel the engine is capable of injecting and how quickly the computer can respond.

“Wet” Systems

A wet Nitrous system injects both fuel and nitrous oxide at the same time, ensuring that the mixture will never go out of balance and destroy the engine.

Plate Systems

A “plate” system uses a spray bar setup that inserts between the engine’s throttle body/carburetor and intake manifold to introduce the gas.

Multi-point Systems

The systems use one nitrous/gasoline injector per cylinder to ensure that the flow of juice remains even.


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