The Young And The Restless Is Making Its Viewers Restless

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I have a very long and rich history with “The Young and the Restless.” It has been the number one soap opera for well over twenty years now. However, something is happening with the writing on the show. A number of the storylines are more unbelievable than ever. I continue to read and hear about people no longer watching the show. If you know anything about the goings on in Genoa City, especially recently, listen up.

Here are some of the crazy, bizarre antics which have been taking place-

1. Diane Jenkins returned to town, and after having had a one night stand with Ashley Abbott’s finance’, Tucker McCall, she is now caught up in a triangle with her former husband, Victor Newman, and his son, Nick, who was once her step-son.

2. Sharon Newman had her newborn baby, Faith, stolen from her by Victor’s son, Adam. The two are now romantically involved.

3. Nina Webster has been back for a while. One of her sons, Chance, faked his death several months ago, and entered a witness protection program. Her other long lost son, Ronan, needed a liver transplant. Chance came out of hiding to be his donor. Shortly after the surgery, a major operation, Ronan abruptly left town.

4. Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore meets and quickly falls in love with a stranger in town named Colin. The two marry, without Jill knowing Colin is the father of her adopted son, Cane, who was just killed under bizarre circumstances. Speaking of Jill, she found out several months ago her father was Neil Fenmore. When he was a part of the show years ago, the two were close in age. How is this possible?

5. Nikki and Victor Newman have broken up for the hundredth time, literally. He invited suspicious houseguest Meggie to live with them. In an attempt to marry Victor for his money, she began spiking Nikki’s drinks with alcohol. Nikki, who’s a former alcoholic, could not taste the vodka in her smoothies. Seriously? She is now involved off and on with Deacon Sharpe, a shady character who once slept with her daughter, Victoria.

Get the picture?

As if this isn’t enough, the women on the show are falling in and out of bed with man after man at an alarming, and  unrealistic pace. Relationships and characters are not having the opportunity to fully develop. This was always one of Y&R’s strongest points. The audience was able to watch the characters grow, to get to know them personally. Couples were just that- couples. There was not all of this meaningless sex, the over-the-top sex scenes. Sometimes, I feel like I’m back in the ’90s watching an episode of “Melrose Place.” It depicts a very poor image of women, as if we all fall into bed with a man quicker than breathing.

The African-American characters remain in the background most of the time. The Hispanic lawyer, who is gay, is seen even less. Storylines are not resolved. Viewers are left hanging, while a plot suddenly comes to an often senseless ending.

Y&R creator Bill Bell passed away in 2005. I had a feeling the show would not quite be what it once was. Of course, all soaps have unrealistic threads within them. That seems to go with the territory. However, when you begin to lose viewers, and the ones you have left have numerous complaints, it has gone too far.

How long this will all continue? Is Y&R headed in the same direction as “The Guiding Light” and “As The World Turns”?

Stay tuned…


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