Juicy Couture: Past And Present

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Juicy Couture is a recent-day stock of both clean and exquisite wear built-up in the state of California and in the first place founded by both Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy. When both Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy were settling in Pacoima, California during the year 1994 they determined to produce their own fashion brand. To produce a stylish line similar to that of other superior and extra noted lines but specifically needed to be much more low-cost to the public peculiarly for women is their necessary intention.

This brand that they addressed as “juicy couture tracksuits” pointed on a assortment of clothing that were been on mind for ladies who are free-lance and incessantly occupied thus a extended variety of hot and clean wear was created but it was the velour tracksuit that acquired them the celebrity. Both women suffered arduous happenings with the slow begin of their provider. Around 1996, these ladies ultimately set up their organization and genuinely got the folks into their clothing line. The women posted their designs to famous people like Madonna which established their velour tracksuit noted towards the women at that time – it was much more of a trend when a tracksuit was embroidered with “Madge” on it.

Right now, the clothing line scarcely use the “Madge” embroidery on their line but it was yet the stepping stone for their company to be renowned to famous people and to the world.

Juicy Couture would be a limited trademark as they were available at some boutiques at that time principally at Neiman Marcus but through the earlier 20th century, much more exclusive boutiques were made entirely for Juicy Couture and approximately the year 2004, the velour tracksuit again became the key center of the clothing line and Juicy Couture eventually became known worldwide.

Nowadays, Juicy Couture persists to be a stable provider despite the international economical receding. Juicy Couture even stemmed its coverage to men’s clothing, make up, bags, accessories and clothing for the young. Juicy Couture is today presently held by Liz Claiborne that has sold about $258 million of Juicy Couture goods from juicy couture outlet online.


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