Skin Survival During a Severe Winter

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Even in tropical countries like India, people are facing the problems of winter in their skin. During winter, skin tenders to be dry, itchy and scaly. Dry skin is always prone to be more tanned and turn darker and therefore extra care is needed during winter.

Skin care during winter

Winter skin care shields your body against the disheartening threats of harsh winters. Seasonal changes can influence the skin since it is an external organ. Lack of humidity, excess cold, pollution in the air, etc. can affect the skin. But a good skin care can prevent much damage that may be caused by winter.

Winter damage to the skin

In winter, skin loses moisture to the atmosphere and this moisture must be replenished. Lack of moisture can cause changes in the skin and cause premature signs of aging, like wrinkles, flaking, redness, etc. Loss of moisture in the skin can give you an inflexible and prickly feeling and flaky patches may appear on the skin.

Moisturizing the skin

Lack of moisture in the skin can be prevented by cleansing the skin twice a day. Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain suggests cleansing the skin twice a day with a cleansing cream or gel. A cleanser containing Aloe Vera can do much good. It retains moisture in the skin, besides moisturizing it.

Cosmetics also cause dryness. Massaging the cleanser lightly into the skin helps preventing further dryness. After cleansing in the morning, the skin may be tones using a rose-based skin tonic.

During the day, using a sunscreen is ideal before going out in the sun. Sun exposure can cause loss of moisture and most of the sunscreens have built-in moisturizers. If it is extremely dry, do not hesitate to use a cream or a liquid moisturizer.

Nourishing the skin

The skin needs nourishing to lubricate. Apply a nourishing cream after cleansing. Avoid soap for the face, since it tends to make the skin alkaline. Natural cleansers create right kind of acidity required to ward off bacterial attacks. Washing the face with buttermilk or curd is a good nourishment for the facial skin.

Exfoliation of skin

During winter, dead and dry skin gets accumulated very fast; and it is necessary to exfoliate the entire body. Exfoliation allows the skin to soak up more moisture and remain moisturized for a long time. Since the temperature outside is low, oil glands of our skin will not produce oil. Exfoliation once a week is ideal.

Lip care

The skin on the lips need special care as it is very thin and lacks oil-producing sebaceous glands. In winter the lips are very much affected and become dry easily. It may cause peeling of the skin. Application of almond containing creams is ideal to soften the skin of lips. Lip balms are very helpful in healing the lip skin.

Diet for skin

Fruits and vegetables can be added in diet since they release a lot of water to body system. Oats, brown bread, brown rice, tomato, carrot, mushroom, peas, beetroot, cucumber, spinach, Soya beans, etc. are good for skin care. Foods that are full of anti-oxidants help your skin to fight off inflammation and protect cells from being destroyed. Drinking green tea or eating foods with omega-3 are helpful. 


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