Mars Olivier – Part Four – Mars With Deadly Outcome

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Mars Olivier

Part Four:

Mars with Deadly Outcome

His father’s door system was a lot simpler than he had expected. It was just a pin number, easily gained from CityTV footage, and a very basic DNA match up. If the target were anyone else, the DNA might have been a problem. But, this particular system was the sort which automatically recognized a householder’s DNA in that of their children. So, all Mars had to do was place his own finger on the panel for pin-prick sampling and the door let him pass through easily. It even locked itself behind him after he entered. Something it would not have done if he had needed to hack the system.

He had memorized the layout of the apartment, and quickly made his way to the video surveillance room. Mars turned the recording off and then went through the files deleting the footage of himself entering. Whilst he did not show up on CityTV recordings, he did show up, very clearly on private systems. It was still early morning, and Mars had many hours to make sure this job was done correctly. He starting reviewing archived surveillance for any previous conversations which may have mentioned his father’s knowledge of the plot to hire Mars to kill him.

Mars found a lot of footage of Vennah with his father. He quickly recalled her words in the footage from the wrist attachment; “both Mars and Poaul Olivier,” she had said. He coldly watched the clips trying to work out what she was attempting to gain out of this trick. He never did. Mars suspected she was only trying to keep an eye on the other Councilor’s secret activities. It didn’t seem as though as she had gained any knowledge at all from what Mars could see. It appeared instead that his father had actually gained information from her without her knowledge. Whatever she had been attempting to achieve with his father had obviously backfired, although Vennah would be unaware that it had.

There was no footage Mars could find which related to either himself or the plot to remove his father from office. If any conversations had occurred in this apartment, his father had already deleted the footage.

With only two hours remaining to set up after having gone through as many surveillance clips as he could, Mars grabbed a book from his father’s shelves to read, and then made his way through the manhole, into the roof. He used a feature on his gun to burn a small hole in the roof large enough for his arm, and the gun itself, to fit through. He then put the gun on silent mode so that it would not draw attention when Mars was selecting the target. The hole in the roof was enough of a chance to take.

Looking through the hole he had burned out, Mars could see almost all of the room beneath him. His eyes strayed to the entire wall lined with books west of the doorway. They were ancient tomes. Mars didn’t know when people had last used books to relay information. He only requested that his clients use paper for his jobs because no one kept track of information on paper anymore. If it wasn’t computerized, than it didn’t exist as far as anyone else was concerned.

But, these paper tomes lining his father’s wall were different. They were ancient artifacts. Poaul had sent countless missionaries out into the wastelands to find them. They told the story of what had happened to the cities out there. Mars knew many of them well, he had been read them as bedtime tales as a child. The technology these cities had once possessed was incredible to Mars. They had been able to travel to other planets. He couldn’t imagine visiting a star; he was awed at the archive footage. There wasn’t room to build such rockets anymore, where would you put it? On City Level 40?

The Fifty Cities as they were called now had once been an extremely rural backwater; the homeland to little more than a couple of pigs. There had been wars, many different wars all raging at once in different places. It seemed one group had dropped a particular chemical based bomb on a number of locations which had mixed very badly with other chemical based bombs thrown by other parties, the resulting explosions had permanently poisoned the air, land and trees of every location it had happened in until only one location remained.

Those who had found the untouched rural land had not been able to bring very much technology with them, so most of the knowledge had been lost. But, they did bring the basis of the work for the compliance regulators. It had been done to prevent more wars.

Mars had always thought, as his father did, that too much was lost by the unquestioning compliance. No one ever argued, and ‘The Fifty Cities,’ was stilted because of that. It allowed for insane amounts of corruption and political maneuvering such as hiring a son to take out his own father by hiding in the man’s roof. But on the other hand, Mars considered that as long as the sheep did as they were told, this last section of their Planet would not resemble the wastelands.

As he waited, Mars read accounts of the workers on a vessel which scoured for vital, but scarce, resources such as water, from moons on the outer Solar System. He had always loved these stories. They told of such amazing places and travels.

He was fully engrossed in one man’s story of a moon near Jupiter when he heard his father enter the apartment. Vennah was with him, which a week ago would have surprised him, but now it did not. She had her arm around his father’s shoulder and was laughing in the same way she did when she came to Mars’ apartment. She flopped herself onto the couch, kicked off her shoes and threw her feet onto his father’s lap. Mars couldn’t help but remember all the times she had used this exact routine on him.

Still, studying Vennah’s immoral manipulations was not why he was here. Mars uploaded an image from the wrist attachment to his gun. “Target Identified.” The screen on the gun flashed at him. “On-Board Video Documentation – Recording. Obstacles Scan – Clear. Approve lethal release and indicate kill level.”

Mars hovered over the selections with a moment of regret, before pressing “Minimum Kill.”

“Kill level ‘Mn.K.’ information sending to bullets.”Mars sighed as he sat through the tedium. He would need to reprogram this software. It took too long. Finally it blinked at him. “Information sent. Indicate readiness. Please note: This action cannot be undone once you approve bullet release.”

Mars pressed “Release” and watched a single bullet silently fly out and strike the target easily in the heart.

He calmly made his way down the manhole and into the lounge room where one body bled over another. Mars looked at his father, and at Vennah before he spoke. “I want to go to the moons one day. Also, I think it’s time the ‘sheep’ were allowed to think for themselves even if it is only to end everything. That is the only reason you live.” He spoke coldly to his father who held Vennah’s now dead body. He kept the book as he walked out the door, pausing only to throw over his shoulder. “You will want to turn the surveillance back on. I doubt this will be the last attempt they make.”

For many years he had thought that Vennah had been the love of his life, but, he realized now that she never had been. His true love was not a person, but an idea. One of how people had been before ‘The Mistake.’ They had wars, but they also had the freedom to choose it. One death or one life would not change much, but at least now his gun now had a name. He would call it Vennah. She, like it, had almost been the perfect weapon. A false love. It would remind him of his true love, the ability his mother had inflicted on him and the ideals his father had raised him with.

Completed in Part Five (Epilogue) –

Don’t like ads? The complete Mars Olivier is now available as a PDF for $2.50 usd through Lulu.


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