Our Lives Have Rocks in it Some Times……

Today I want you to read a set of poems I wrote while I was locked up in jail………..

I was not very happy to be where I was and to tell you the truth I deserved it. Now in the mean time I was able to center my life by letting all the anger I had pent up out on paper! And no I didn’t find god while in the “joint”. I found myself!

I had nobody to help me threw the stuggles of my confinement so I turned inside! There was a very powerful pull to seek the truth from within and when I looked. I found something that I wasn’t expecting! A very real and truthful out look on life! Now you might not know it but if you look hard enough at your self you will see that those around you can influence who you are but never change that fact! You are who you are regardless of what others think! But I had very little hope in seeing that in the time I spent doing everything eles but what was right!

So while I sat and paid for my, shall we say, “skrew up in life”. I found out that most people will never be there when you need them the most! So you must take your self into account when you find your self pined down with no where to go!

So with that said and done you Should now know where we are going with this and if you wish to hear my truth continue reading! But be for warned these words Are truthful and can hurt!

A world behind bars
I am confined to a place behind four walls,
Where nobody sees me.
And nobody calls.
I dream at night of far away places, but wake up to the same many faces
I get up, get dressed, and go on with my day,
I wait for the mail to come but none for me they say.
No letter, no kite, not even a post card.
When nobody writes you it makes time real hard.
So kick back, sit down, and write me a letter.
To you it’s not much, yet it makes me feel better.
Because until you’ve been where I’ve been, and seen what I have seen.
You will never know how much a letter means to me.

Alas I have come so far to be beaten by those of rash temperaments.
I shalln’t take these chains off for there will be lack of betterment.
Sorrow fills me now more than ever I feel the pain forever settle.
Discontent of my heart shows in all I do,
Now all I can do is peddle.
Pleasure has been taken from deep within my soul.
It can be described some what like an empty bowl
Once filled with the fruits of life and earned reparse.
Now more is less in a cage of hate for I’ve been disgraced.
Given time, these memories will fade, not all, yet, to live again

Darkness Inside
Darkness fall, bestow this hand strength to guide.
Given these thoughts give sight to these eyes.
None more cold nor harder, life forgives the innate.
Shaken, the rain falls from my lips, none more ill take!
Shallen’t I be forsaken, my love hath been taken.
Forgive my mind thoughts arise impure and defined.
I can’t give chance hold on my life, take foot and believe my plight.
Shown this pain I do forgive those who share in it.
Do not give me sorrow, they will see it tomorrow.
Conceived, thou hath the mind of the mired.
Twisted by notions of bliss and hatred, wallow in motion.
Thou hath no desire or inspiring hope to control me now.
To give is to take, as love is to hate, as now is to wait.
Allow for gaps and way be taken none more feared become unshaken.
Fearsome teeth gash at me from my mind so deep.
Steady me, I must wake or darkness be my only fate.
Purely evil spills of desired revocation of life.
Never to know how it could have been, lying in its excrement!
You want dark. I want light. I want peace. You only fight.
This hole is too cold and deep, how am I to sleep!
Splendid and blessed is this life, outgiving, yet untold.
We shall all see it don’t be fooled chance only knows

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There are over 40 poems and my book will one day be a collectors item for I hope to continue my work as a writer! Hopefully!

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And once again thank you for reading

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