Friday, December 15

Jake The Country Crooner…

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Jake my Sheltie and the howler of the country…

Jake wandered in here to the farm around three years ago.

He likes attention, hugs, scratching behind his ears and food but most of all the radio that is always on in the garage.

He dislikes the hair dryer, the clippers, rain and thunder.

Since Jake arrived, he has always howled, with the coyotes, or the radio or sometimes just because. His favorite music is country.

All my other dogs, Miss Beezley, Shercarra, and Buzzard sometime join in the howling which can lead to a howling musical experience.

At the time Jake arrived, I placed ads in newspapers, and at the hung posters at the local grocery store, no one claimed him. Not sure whether he adopted me or I adopted him.

The new member of the pet family took a trip to the Veterinarian, got up to date on his shots, and he guessed him to be about 9 month old at the time.

His fur was a challenge for me, never having a dog with quite so much hair. But we worked it out and it is the highlight of his day to be brushed, now clipping the nails were a different story, and clipping the hair between his toes.

He also enjoys racing me to the end of the ¼ mile drive way every morning when I leave for work, and he is always the first to greet me when I arrive home in the evening.

He also enjoys his 63 acre farm for running, chasing and he herds the ducks which is truly funny. He doesn’t swim in the pond like the rest of dogs, but he will set and watch them swim.

He is also my walking buddy, him and Tommy both, walk with me to mushroom hunt, black berry pick or just for a long walk in the woods he is there.

He likes the snow but hates rain and thunder, and will ask to sleep in the garage, and when he is in the garage the radio quickly distracts him for the thunder in his wonderful howling solo.

Jake has brought a lot of joy to my life since his arrival; he made his self right at home. When I hear him howling I smile inside, not telling him to stop, because it makes this ball of fur happy to howl.

Whoever tossed this animal out just because he wasn’t a cute little puppy anymore, or maybe it was because he howled are the ones missing out on one great dog that has great taste in music and howls differently to each song.


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