Thursday, December 14

Some Slimming Myths

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With so much online attention and expert opinion regarding slimming, it is sometimes difficult to separate facts from the untruths, more so when theories often contradict each other. Here are the more common untruths related to slimming.

Meals after 5pm will make you gain weight.
Untrue, indulging in more food than you require, or can use will cause you to gain weight. You burn energy 24 hours a day; this does not cease to function after you go to sleep, even though the speed of calorie usage may decrease.

If you don’t physical exercise, you will get fat
An excess of calories may cause you becoming overweight. Exercise by itself won’t make you slim. Exercise may merely assist to consume the extra calories. If you only eat the advised portion of food, you won’t gain weight, regardless of the amount of exercise you partcipate in.

Your metabolic rate diminishes as you get older
Myth. Age is associated with a slower metabolic rate as some people commonly reduce muscle tissue as they increase in years, which reduces their metabolic rate. There is really no cause to be under the impression that your metabolic rate will reduce if you continue to maintain muscle mass as a result of weight bearing exercises.

Carbohydrates are bad for you.
Myth. A common misunderstanding fuelled by slimming plans such as the Low Carb Diet. The truth is, complex carbohydrates will actually fuel your system and will keep you satisfied for longer. carbs only result in increased weight if you eat too much of them. This is the same for all the different food groups.

Low fat foods won‘t make you fat.
Myth. Reduced fat content does not always equal low calorie. Frequently, reduced fat foods have increased sugars, salt and starch to produce a similar taste that fat provides. Adding these above ingredients can result in adding additional calories to the item. This could have the result that your reduced fat meal may perhaps be more fattening than the normal version.

Eliminating certain meals can aid with weight loss
Definitely wrong. Missing meals results in you starting to be hungrier later in the day, elevating the chance of snacking and possibly lowering your metabolism as your system starts to store fat and use reduced quantities of energy.

If you would like to lose fat, you need to eliminate deserts, snacks and chocolates
Yes, deserts and cakes do have a large amount of calories, but not having these snacks totally can possibly be detrimental to your weight reduction plan. By denying yourself of everything you enjoy, you are more likely the chances to stop dieting and go on a food spree, or possibly consuming far more than you would have than if you let yourself to eat a little. Everything in moderation is the secret.

I hope that the above has eliminated many of the untruths and that you are more enlightened in your weight reduction program. More tips and weight reduction tricks may be found at Strongest Fat Burner



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