Get In Shape With An Indoor Bike Trainer

During the winter months, we normally find that we sit indoors, watch TV, play on the computer, and sort of hibernate the way the bears do. It is not our intention, its just that winter is not too conducive to exercising outdoors. So, if you don’t exercise outdoors, it limits nearly everything you do to doing it indoors. Some of us head to the gym but for the vast majority of us, we don’t get much exercise at all. However, we can change that and we can closely duplicate an exercise that we get outdoors, even though most of us don’t consider it exercise, we think it is just plain fun. I’m talking about riding a bicycle. I can hear it now. How can you ride a bicycle indoors? Simple. With an indoor bicycle trainer.

Imagine that your bicycle is hooked up to a roller where your rear tire moves on that roller. The front of the bike is stable and on the ground but as you pedal, the rear tire moves on that roller. Now, as you change gears or change settings on the bike trainer, resistance increases. So, you pretty much are riding your bike indoors, just like you would be doing outdoors. Yes, you don’t get to see great scenery but you can actually buy DVD’s which you can watch as you pedal that will show that great scenery.

There are several different types of indoor bike trainers. A wind trainer uses a fan for resistance and is mainly meant for beginner riders. You won’t find too much resistance on a wind trainer and they are rather noisy. A magnetic trainer adds more resistance and has less noise. A fluid trainer is seen as the cream of the crop in indoor bike trainers. It is smooth, quiet, and most closely replicates outdoor riding. Better yet, the USA Cycling team rides a fluid trainer. If you have a mountain bike, a rim drive trainer actually allows you to ride that mountain bike and instead of using the rear tire on a roller, the trainer uses the rear rim of the bike. That way, the rim drive trainer won’t ruin the tires that are on a mountain bike. Finally, if you are an advanced rider, a roller trainer allows you to ride with both tires on the trainer. It helps cyclists maintain balance during the off season.

What all of these bike trainers have in common is that they let you have a great cardio workout without leaving the home. There is no need to ride an exercise bike that you are not familiar with or go to the gym. Depending on your weight, you can easily burn 200 or more calories per half hour of riding. Combine this with a slight reduction of calories and you will find yourself getting in better shape with each passing week and will look forward to shedding those clothes for the upcoming summer scene.

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